Emergency Plans and Procedures

The following procedures will be followed in the circumstances listed below:


Get the children out of the building, meet at the designated safe place as far away from the building as possible and conduct a head count to ensure all children are safely out.  Call the fire department, then contact the parents. 

Severe Weather

Remain calm. Move the children into a hallway or interior room away from windows. In case of a tornado, have the children place their heads between their knees with them backs to the wall. Listen to the radio for weather updates.

Loss of Electrical Power

Remain calm. Call the power company to report power loss. If in hot weather-open the windows, if possible.  In cooler weather, put on warmer clothing or get blankets out for the children. Call the parents if the power will be out for an extended period of time.

Loss of Water

Have bottled water available for drinking purposes. Contact the owner/admin of Victory Church so that they may report the water outage and/or contact a plumber.  If water will be out for an extended time, have water available for hand washing and toileting purposes.  Call the parents if the water will remain out of service for an extended length of time.

Serious Injury to a Child

Call 911. Keep the child calm and comfortable until medical service arrives. Call the child’s parents to report the injury.

Loss of a Child

Call 911. Call the child’s parent to report the loss. Keep the other children calm.  Immediately search the surrounding area for the child.

Death of a Child

Call 911. Call the child’s parents. Keep the other children calm.

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