Homeschool Hybrid Learning Center

What is Hybrid Homeschooling? 

Hybrid homeschool is a mix of homeschool and classroom time. There are many different models, but basically the children will go to school a few days a week and then do school work at home the other days. This is basically a private school + homeschool experience. 

What does the EUTR Homeschool Hybrid Learning Center school year look like? 

We strive to give our students a unique learning experience where they can actively participate while achieving the needed learning goals to move forward to their next year of learning, whether that is grade school, middle school, high school, college or trade school.  We offer classes for grades K-12 for accelerated learners, special needs learners and traditional learners.  Our classes are offered during the traditional school year calendar of August through May, and our scheduled class days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Seasonal breaks are scheduled, just as they would be in a traditional school, however, some normal "public school" breaks will not align with ours.  Because you are a homeschool family, we also realize that your breaks may not align with ours.  We suggest that you request your children's work before your vacation so that your child doesn't fall behind while you are gone.  

At EUTR, we offer reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies/history and science as is required for all homeschooling families by the Georgia Department of Education.  Additionally, we offer health and physical education, a foreign language choice, various electives and STEAM for grades K-12.  Our intent is to give your child(ren) the best schooling experience while complying with Georgia state laws.  Our classes are non-common core, but do adhere to the Georgia Department of Education guidelines by grade level.  

Are we Religious or Secular?

We, at EUTR are neither a religious nor secular based program.  What does that mean to our families?  We believe that it is the responsibility of each parent to teach their children about God, faith and their personal religious beliefs.

The definition of "secular" is having no religious or spiritual basis.  This is also not us.  All of our staff members are vetted to ensure that we are each like minded, even if our religious backgrounds differ.  We feel that this makes for a more comfortable setting for the families who come to us. We share the character values of a Christian based program, but do not teach Bible or religious beliefs.