We are a Home School Co-Op designed with children who learn differently in mind. From children who are gifted, to those who might fight what society deems a learning disability, we strive to offer an educational atmosphere that helps all students excel.

We are set apart from other co-ops in that we offer services for our students that are often sought after.  Our mission is to compliment a child’s educational and emotional journey with a support system offering Dyslexia Screening, Dyslexia Therapy, and other relative resources.  We offer a wide variety of classes from elementary, middle, and high school classes and electives for Kindergarten to 12 grade.  

We are heavily involved in community supports and will connect our families with supports wherever necessary with professionals to aid them along with their personal development.  Our educational programs will offer subjects complementary to their families economical abilities and learning abilities.  

We are in collaboration with an accredited high school and in pursuant to an elementary and middle school accreditation.  We offer additional groups and/or individual sessions for children to address anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, improve self-confidence, and self-regulation.  Offering mature high schoolers and adult classes for GED preparations, resume building, interviewing, and job skills assessments.  Our services are affordable so that our community will find connections for personal and professional development with ease in their journey. 

We are so excited about the developmental improvements of Everything Under the Rainbow and we invite you and your family to become apart of our beautiful rainbow journey! 




Lisa Mitchell is the founder, and heart behind EUTR.

Lisa is originally from Georgia however spent her adolescence and young adulthood in Collins, Mississippi. She is the mother of two amazing children, William and Caitlyn. She prides her personal and professional growth and development as her children continue to teach her the beauty of life’s adventures.
Her professional background is social services, substance abuse, trauma specialist, anger resolution, academic, behavior, conflict resolution, and resources management. Lisa is always striving for academic excellence and creating enhanced positive solutions for herself, family, and others. Lisa’s philosophy is “together we can make a difference where one struggles”. Her vision of hope for all human beings spreads throughout life and in everything, she is apart of in life. She enjoys singing, family togetherness, quiet time for self-reflection, reading, researching, journaling, and laughing with her children. She loves serving others in many capacities of educational, mental, emotional, and recovery resources. When you meet Lisa, she thrives to create a welcoming environment for everyone she meets. She works hard, plays hard, and has a great sense of humor! Lisa focuses on doing the next right thing, love oneself, and spread joy! Lisa’s heart is always working for you and has a strong relationship with her Higher Power, GOD, and is confident that life is always working out. She will walk with you every step of the way helping to create a beautiful journey.